Raidzap Flex 2.2 oz

$70.00 CAD

RAIDZAP FLEX – the most flexible UV resin we have developed. Use for the baitfish flies where a more soft and flexible and rubbery head is desired. Can be used for the flyline, where a thin layer is glued on top of the loop to strengthen the loop. Raidzap Flex is crystal clear – cured in seconds and 100% tack free surface, Extremely soft and flexible, bonds to silicone, rubber and foam. Does not crack or peel during compression. The bottle comes with Thin tip system for refill the small bottles or direct use from the bottle, and including a Brush. Same Quality JUST bigger bottle.!

  • Cures with ANY! UV light.
  • Cures  flexible and clear.
  • Thin tip.
  • 2.2 oz ( 66 ml )
  • Including a brush in the box.